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MicroDam Telecom is a new Kenyan start-up that is developing a range of products & services around industrial automation processes. Through local research & development fellowships, we make use of the available talent in the continent to develop modern & tailored solutions to our customers . By targeting the African Industrial space, we are developing products that will improve the manufacturing, processing and packaging industries that have previously been under the mercy of foreign corporations. By increasing the value of our local produce through providing affordable and more advanced processing solutions, we aim to increase the ROI around Agricultural & Mineral products industries by hosting most of the processing locally before export. This will subsequently raise Export Value of our products that will ultimately translate to an improved GDP and better living standards for our people. Having most of our raw materials locally processed fully to the final products, we will avoid importing such products that previously required external aid in processing , effectively promoting growth to Africa's economy. Currently, we are offering professional consultations on Commercial and Industrial Power Systems, Plant architectures and Telecommunications preferences as we continue to fine tune our signature products.

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Our services

Software Dev

Developing software solutions that integrate with our Hardware for a seamless Human - Machine working environment.

IOT and Robotics

Design, prototyping, fabrication, installation and maintainance of Robotics Sytems and Internet of Things for industrial applications.

R & D

We support collaborative research efforts that focus on innovating for a better & advanced future. Developed in Africa for Africa.

MIRA Cloud

We are developing a cloud backend system that will closely monitor the performance parameters of our products.


We provide advice and recommendations to solve complex issues.

Block Chain

we offer a full-stack crypto services platform that works with crypto-native businesses and institutional clients.

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