Nurturing Young Talent

Microdam Brains is a csr initiative that seeks to develop digital skills among the growing population within the community. We focus on hands on experience for the kids that nature their creative & problem solving abilities thus empowering them to be solution oriented members of the society, who can bring change through Technology.

Scratch Programming

Scratch is the world's largest coding community for kids. It uses a visual block-based approach to programming that allows young people to create digital stones, games & animations.

Currently we conduct scratch sessions with local schools around the coastal streach of Kenya.

Internet Of Things (IoT)

We offer basic & intermediate trainings to youth & marginalized groups in the society around the Internet of Things using Open Source Technologies like Arduino & Raspberry Pi.

Currently engaging primary schools through to local universities & colleges on IoT concepts.


As Industrial Automation is our Primary order of business. At Microdam, we are developing the capacity as well as sparking interest to the youthful population about Robotics.

We have developed 3D printed Robotic contraptions from recycled plastics that enables us to demonstrate the mechanics of Robotics to kids cost-effectively.